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# 11 San Agustin St. Barangay Poblacion 3
Coron, Palawan
Philippines 5316
Email :
Website :
Moblie # : +63 919 992 6766 , +63 919 305 4363, +63 920 2546553
+63 917 552 6766
(02) 984 7795

Contact Persons: Mae Linsangan | AL B. Linsangan III

How to get in Coron :

By Air

By Sea

Important Information

Important Reminders:
  • Banks:
    • Land Bank of the Philippines with ATM
    • Allied Bank with ATM
    • Metrobank
    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
  • Only SMART and GLOBE. Telecommunications service are available in the area
  • Internet services are also available in town
  • If you're taking air transport, the luggage allowance is limited to 10 kilos only per passenger
  • Pets, liquors, firearms, inflammable goods, prohibited/regulated drugs and nuisance articles are not allowed to be brought on board
  • Tricycle is the main mode of transport in town
Environmental and Cultural Reminders: The following activities are prohibited:
  • Taking out of any living or non-living thing from any tourist destinations and ancestral land/waters
  • Collection of wild plants and animals
  • Anchoring of boats at coral areas
  • Littering
  • Touching or stepping on corals and marine life
  • Fish feeding
  • Use of spear gun during dives
  • Camping or sleeping on core zones
  • Camp fire or burning near the forested area
  • Cutting of trees for camps
  • Hunting
  • Shouting or yelling within the sacred grounds of ancestral domain such as caves, burial ground, and even in the tribal villages
  • Filming or photo stops on sacred grounds
Do not Forget to bring the following:
  • Sun screen lotions
  • Insect repellant
  • First aid kit
  • Beach wears and sandals

Passenger Conditions:
The company reserves the right to accept, decline or retain any person, even with confirmed reservation by reason of the person's illness, mental or physical infirmity that is likely to impair the health, safety or comfort of other guests.

Should that person be already accommodated and may later appear to any person in authority to be suffering from illness, mental or physical infirmity that is likely to impair the health, safety and comfort of other guests, that guest maybe transferred via vessel or air flight at the expense of the said guest.

In cases of flight/voyage cancellation and delays without prior notice from airline companies or shipping lines brought by bad weather, technical problems and other related reasons all incidental expenses shall borne by guest.

Expenses not covered in the published package rates shall be shouldered by guests/agents.

The company ensures that guests are informed on environmental guidelines, policies, and laws in the area should any guest was proven to violates such policies/local ordinance (like entering core zone within the marine parks, or collecting specimen, endangered species etc.), penalty imposed by the law enforcers shall be paid by the guest.


Department of Tourism • Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) • Calamian Geographic Society • Coron Sustainable Tourism Cooperative • Tribu Calamianen Cultural Group • The Coron Initiative Society for Sustainable Tourism Development Inc • The International Ecotourism Society • Birdwatch Palawan • Palawan Tourism Council


Special thanks to the Local Government of Coron for making us part of coron tourism project.

Anthony G Fitzsimons, an expert website builder who volunteered to develop our website for free

Aman Adriano for continuing support in the improvement and maintenance of our website.

SEMP-NP ( Department of Tourism specials project ) for great contribution in developing tourism projects and tour products. Specially former Usec Evelyn Pantig, Dir Victoria Jasmin, Oliver Hillel, Monet Flores, Manny Bate, Stuart Green, Dr Carlos Fernandez,Caesar Yuipco, Pam Samaniego, Verna Buensoceso and all its Tourism Consultants.

TIES ( The International Ecotourism Society) for guidance and ecotourism awareness.

UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity for acknowledging our role in our community.

Calamianes Conservation & Cultural Networks Inc for funding and technical assistance.


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