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Coron... a paradise for you to enjoy and explore! Calamianes Expeditions Ecotours brings you tour packages designed for the adventure and experience you are looking for!

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Our Joiner Coron Tour Packages are designed for walk-in guests, budget-conscious travelers or small groups who would like to share the cost of the tour. Our ready-made tour packages are great opportunities for you to meet and make friends with other tourists who can enrich your Coron trip. What's more, you get to save up for more tours during your stay in the beautiful town of Coron.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Licensed tourist boat equipped with life vests and first aid kit
  • Entrance fees
  • Tour assistant on board
  • Picnic lunch with fruit and drink
Start of Tour: 8:30 PM End of Tour: 5:00 PM

Please Note

  • There is a minimum of six (6) participants for each day tour package.
  • We accept online and phone reservations and inquiries about tour availability. No down payment or deposit is required. However, we do require you to confirm your reservation the day before the trip by dropping by our office and registering your confirmation. We will also be requiring the full payment upon confirmation.
  • Please get tickets or transact only with our accredited staff at the Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours office.
  • Our picnic lunch is a family style set-up, not a packed lunch or buffet meal. If you have any dietary requirements/preferences, kindly advise our office prior to your tour date. We will gladly make adjustments with regards to food allergies and preferences (i.e. vegetarian diet).
  • Our tour assistants come from the grassroots community. This is part of our initiative to promote sustainable ecotourism. The tour assistant assigned to your tour may not always be very fluent in English. However, they are trained to be service-oriented, as well as to provide salient information about the tour destinations. If you would like to have a licensed/professional guide accompany the tour, you can request one for an additional charge.
  • Some of the tours are recommended for guests who are able to endure the elements and a lot of physical activity.

Experience Community Based Ecotourism
Budget EcoTour Programs with Minimum of 6 PAX ( Joiners Allowed )
Licensed Tourist Boat with Lifevest and First Aid Kit,
Entrance Fees, Tour Assistant on Board, Picnic Lunch with Fruit & Drink
Tour Starts 8:30 AM • Tour Ends 5:00 PM

Coron Town Tour ( Tour A) Php 650/pax

Explore Coron Town by land transport and we will guide you to souvenir shops, the seafood market and a cashew nuts producer in the locality. Climb the 700+ steps of Mt Tapyas and treat yourself to a breathtaking 360-degree view of Coron Town. At sunset, take a dip in a soothing Makinit Natural Saltwater Hot Springs.

Destinations: Souvenir Shops, Cashew Nut Producers, Tapyas Viewdeck, Coron Baywalk, Maquinit Hot Springs

*** By A/C Van ( Landtrip ) with Snacks & Drinks Included

Coron Island Ultimate Tour (Tour B-1) Php 950/pax

This is truly an ultimate tour for everyone. No wonder this is our Best Seller! This whole-day trip features a variety of experiences, which includes snorkeling the award-winning Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados Marine Park and Coral Eden, taking a relaxing dip at the thermocline waters at Hidden Lagoon and enjoying a picnic lunch by the crystal clear waters at Calachuchi Beach. You can also enjoy a refreshing swim at our famous CYC White Beach island.

Destinations: Kayangan Lake, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Calachuchi Beach, Coral Eden, Hidden Lagoon, CYC Beach

Las Islas Tribal Eco-Tour (Tour B-2) Php 1100/pax

This tour is an opportunity for you to explore more of the islands' diversity and immerse yourself in a Cultural Village called Lajala where Tagbanua indigenous communities can be observed in their natural way of living. A sumptuous picnic lunch shall be served at Dimanglet White Beach. Experience the thermal dip at Twin Lagoons and Barracuda Lake, home of beautiful rock formations above and below. Snorkel at Coron Coral Triangle protected reefs in Coron Bay.

Destinations: Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoons, Dimanglet Beach, Lajala Cultural Village, Coron Coral Triangle

Sun, Sea & Sand Island Escapade Tour ( Tour -C) Php 1,200/pax

This tour is designed for those who want to relax and spend a laid-back day at the beach. Find yourself a hammock where you can simply laze and catch up on your reading while being surrounded with Malcapuya's tropical beauty. Malcapuya is also home to monkeys, squirrels, and various bird species if you are in the mood for some wildlife watching. Enjoy the breeze and refresh yourself in its turquoise waters of Bulog Island Sandbar. Explore the island and bring your camera for postcard-worthy photo opportunities.

Destinations: Malcapuya Island , Bulog Uno SandBar

Culion Island Historical Tour (Tour-D) Php 1,500/pax

This tour is both a historical and educational experience. For many years, this Spanish installation was isolated from the rest of the islands because of its location and the fact that it housed a leper colony. The leper colony has long been dissolved but the municipality still carries distinct traces of its Spanish heritage and its unique history. Stroll along its streets to get an appreciation of pre-war architecture, such as the 17th century fort that now serves as the community church. The Culion Museum exhibits most of the municipality's artifacts, documents and information on how they struggled to cure leprosy in the island. Before finally leaving the municipality, take a dip in the waters of Bogor Marine Park and enjoy the underwater sceneries by snorkeling.

Destinations: Culion 17th Century Church, Culion Museum, Bogor Marine Park

Sangat Reef and Wreck Tour (Tour E) Php 1,200/pax

This tour is an ultimate "Wrecks to Reefs" experience. We take you back to September 24, 1944, when Task Force 45 Carrier-based bombers attached and sank 24 World War II Japanese ships around Busuanga and Coron islands. The 35-meter length Sangat Gunboat or U-Boat Hunter still exhibits its shape and form while also serving home of various coral and fishes. Along the way, you will also have the opportunity to explore more vibrant Coral Gardens and their marine inhabitants at Decalve Marine Park. Grab your snorkeling gear and be a witness of Coron Lusong Gunboat wrecks and reefs.

Destinations: Sangat Gunboat Wreck, Decalve Marine Park, Lusong Gunboat Wreck, Coral Gardens

Trekking & Mangrove Kayaking (Tour F) Php 1,500/pax

Welcome to Kingfisher Park, a haven of biodiversity and a place of countless natural wonders. Nestled amidst the sultry islands of Coron, the Kingfisher Park is a haven for Palawan's endemic creatures. Take a stroll along Lunes Santo Trail and explore the protected mangroves for a deeper appreciation of the island's tropical beauty and delicate ecosystem. You also get to visit the unique Stone Church on the Hill.

Destinations: Kingfisher Park

Pass Island Eco-Tour (Tour G) Php 1,500/pax

Discover Busuanga and Gutob Bay! Hop from one gorgeous island to another. Revel in picture-perfect scenes in and out of the crystal clear waters. Refresh yourself with the natural breeze coming from the west coast of Busuanga Islands. This tour is especially for those who love snorkeling and exploring coral gardens and marine life. Before the end of the day, bask in an unforgettable sunset as you cruise back to Coron Town.

Destinations: Calumbuyan Island & House Reef, Pass Island with Giant Clam Sanctuary

Calauit Safari Park by Sea (Tour H-1) PhP 2,600/pax

Calauit Safari Park is home to giraffes, zebras, deer and other wildlife. Early morning visits are the best since you can have the opportunity to get close to these gorgeous creatures and feed them. The park also features a wide variety of bird species, as well as animals endemic to Palawan. Travel from Coron Town to Calauit by Sea and get treated to the sight of the different islands and coves along the way. On the return trip, we will take a quick tour of the Black Island Caves (weather permitting) & Shipwreck or the fishermen's village for a possible shopping of dried fish, squid and other marine products. A sunset cruise caps this highly enjoyable trip.

Destinations: Calauit Safari Park, Black Island Beach, Shipwreck & Caves, Panlaitan Village

Calauit Safari Park by Land (Tour H-2) PhP 2,500/pax

Explore Busuanga's Wildlife Sanctuary early in the morning and witness wildlife as they come out from the forest and feed. Watch various bird species as they cross the mangrove channel. Take the Safari tour and experience feeding the giraffes and other wildlife. The Safari Tour provides great opportunities to have an up close look at both exotic and endemic species harmoniously living in Calauit Island. On the way back, you will be treated to some interesting stops: lunch at the quaint town of Salvacion, an easy trek to Concepcion Fall and an invigorating climb to Malbato Stone Church on the Hill.

Destinations: Calauit Safari Park, Salvacion Town, Stone Church on the Hill, Concepcion Falls, Bambuhay Crafts


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