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Our Private Coron and Calamianes Day Tours are designed to cater to your comfort. We take care of the details so that you can focus on your enjoyment.

These private getaways include:

  • Van Transfers
  • Exclusive Tourist Boat
  • Life vest & First Aid Kit
  • Seafood picnic lunch
  • Tropical fruits & drinks
  • Entrance fees
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Tour guide

*Some inclusions do not apply for land-based tours.

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Hit all the must-see Coron Island attractions in this whole day tour! This tour includes the highlights that serve as the prime examples of why Palawan has been consistently voted as one of the best islands in the world. Get your very own postcard-perfect shot of the iconic view of the cove overlooking Kayangan Lake. Take the short but exciting trip across the entrance at Twin Lagoons. Explore the water's treasures - a thriving marine world of coral gardens and colorful tropical fish. Catch more of the sun and enjoy a relaxing lunch by the beach. All in all, it's a whole day filled with tropical fun!

Destinations: Siete Pecados Marine Park, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons, Calachuchi Beach, Coron Coral Gardens

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This is your ultimate island adventure! Get away from the madding crowd and jet off to some of Calamianes' most gorgeous islands. This tour starts with a scenic ride along Coron's turquoise waters. Enjoy the view of white-sand beaches and tree-laden coves. You may even get lucky and spot some dolphins along the way! Then, you can get your fill of the breathtaking beauty of Malcapuya Island and Bulog Island Sandbar. There will be also plenty of opportunities to interact with the endemic creatures - both in land and under the sea. Also included are a relaxing picnic lunch by the beach and lots of swimming, snorkeling and water adventures.

Destinations: Malcapuya Island, Bulog Island

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Head off to a one-of-a-kind adventure that combines a safari, nature and cultural experience! This early morning jaunt takes you to Calauit Safari Park, where you can have the opportunity to interact with the park's gentle creatures. Have a "meet and greet" with the park's friendly residents - exotic creatures such as giraffes, zebras and deer, as well as creatures that are endemic to Palawan. Next stop would be Salvacion town for a home cooked lunch, a short trek and refreshing dip at Concepcion Falls, and a visit to the weavers and artists at Busuanga Bambuhay Crafts. The tour also features the unique and charming Malbato Stone Church, which stands at the top of a hill.

Destinations: Calauit Safari Park, Salvacion Town (inc. Bambuhay Busuanga Weavers), Concepcion Falls, Stone Church on the Hill

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Get ready for a fascinating natural and historical underwater adventure!
The waters of Coron and the Calamianes is home to a number of World War II Japanese ships that were gunned down by a sustained US airstrike. These historic wrecks, along with the rich and thriving coral gardens and marine life, make Coron a dream dive and snorkeling site. This tour features two of these historic wrecks - Lusong Shipwreck and Sangat Gunboat, as well as the colorful Coral Gardens near Lusong Shipwreck. Aside from the well-preserved nature of these wrecks, underwater creatures (such as fish, turtles, and Skeleton shrimps) have also claimed these wrecks as their home so you are in for an interesting snorkeling or diving experience. The tour also features a relaxing picnic lunch by the beach at Calumbuyan Island.

Destinations: Sangat Gunboat, Lusong Shipwreck, Coral Gardens, Calumbuyan White Beach & House Reef

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Paddle away!
This half-day guided tour takes you along the scenic Coron Bay mangrove channel, amidst the backdrop of the sun, gorgeous limestone cliffs and crystal clear waters. Learn about the fascinating role of the mangrove forests in the island's ecoscape. Know a special kind of peace and tranquility such a trip offers as you glide along Coron's floating forest. Keep you eyes peeled for interesting creatures you may meet in the groves - tropical birds, crabs and other endemic creatures of Palawan. An experienced guide who knows the ins and outs of the mangrove forest will show you around. You also have the option to take a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard.

Destination: Coron Bay Mangrove Channel Nature Route

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Coron is more than just its gorgeous beaches! This quaint town also has its own set of charms that you can discover in this half-day land-based guided tour. Get to know more about local life and culture by visiting some of the town's landmarks, as well as a cashew nuts processing center. Do some souvenir shopping at local arts and crafts shops. Your next stop will be a hike to the top of Tapyas Hill, where an iconic cross and the Hollywood-like "CORON" sign await. After this hike, take the opportunity to soothe and soak tired muscles at the therapeutic waters of Maquinit Hot Springs.

Destination: Galeri Arts & Crafts, Tapyas Viewdeck, Cashew Processing, Maquinit Hotsprings, Coron Baywalk

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Today we take you to the northern part of the mainland Busuanga and witness the savanna type of ecosystem where we will paddle out from a private ecotourism farm to the mouth of Maricaban Bay.

The tour starts from a narrow bend of river then slowly brings us down to a protected mangrove forest. We immerse ourselves to a different, more peaceful side of Coron. Endemic birds and wildllife awaits as we paddle our way through thick mangrove. Mingle with local villagers as they go out about their morning routine.

We stop at the mouth of Maricaban Bay before heading out to the sea and eventually land in river mouth and stop by a cliff house for a coffee or afternoon drinks before we head back to Coron town

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Today we take you to the enchanting Coron Island where we paddle to a few of the well known features and attractions of the Island. Coron Island is home to the indigenous Tagbanua tribe wheir their way has been preserved for centuries.

The island has many hidden lakes, lagoons and caves. Tourists are allowed to explore a few of them. We are privileged to be allowed to access some of the most beautiful and enchanting land and water scapes of the Tagbanua’s ancestral domain.


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